10 Fashion Fails That Will Make You Glad You Know How To Dress



Have you ever seen someone wearing something so horrible that it makes you glad that your fashion sense is at least good enough to tell you that’s a bad idea? If not, you might find yourself featured in a gallery like this one. Behold the insanity of extreme fashion fails.

#1 Don’t mind me.When using public transportation you are likely to see many strange things. Cosplayers are some of the more tame sights to be seen. Trust me, things will get much worse as we progress.


#2 Why even wear pants?If you are going to walk around slacking like an idiot what’s the point in even wearing pants? It doesn’t look good. Maybe he just wants to advertise his booty for the guys.

#3 This kind of defeats the purpose.Wearing flip-flops and socks is a fashion no-no. This abomination doesn’t make it any better. Dude do you need to keep your calf muscles warm? Wtf?

#4 Go hard or go home.You can’t half-ass some things. You are either all in or you just need to stop. The Borat look is one of those things. This guy just looks silly.

#5 I’ve got my eye on you.This bold fashion statement is all grades of tacky. Keep the all-seeing eye to yourself, lady. Nobody wants you creeping them out.

#6 People take things too far.Emojis has gone from being harmless smartphone icons to being fashion icons and I wish they would go back where they came from. This lady must realize that she looks ridiculous with that getup on.

#7 Just left speechless.What can I say about this lady’s outfit that the outfit doesn’t say itself? I’m sure her daughter is so happy to be seen out in public with her mom dressed like this.

#8 Leggings are not pants!If you’re going to wear leggings as pants please make sure they are not see-through and for heaven’s sake wear a shirt long enough to cover your ass. Nobody wants to see your panties.

#9 Meow!Remember what I said about public transportation? This lady must be a huge Catwoman fan. Just check out that custom leather cat bag. Odd is an understatement.

#10 Here kitty, kitty.This cat lady is much more subtle than the last one but it’s still a little unsettling to see a grown woman riding around wearing cat ears don’t you think?