Vacations are meant to enjoy, especially when you’re spending time with your friends and family. But imagine you check-in in an Australian hotel and find a BIG spider waiting for you in a room? What if your vacation turns into a downright nightmare? You’re scared, right?

The pictures which you’ll see below would illustrate the ‘real-life-fear-inducing’ scenarios of individuals’ vacation which went horribly wrong. The photographs below will make you laugh horrendously and learn from different people’s jaw-dropping experiences.

Have a look!


Nail-biting roadside.

This truck suffered a near fall when it ran off-road on a narrow path in Bolivia. We can’t blame the driver; it was raining.

You swipe your key to enter the room and see this.

This horrifying spider was captured in an Australian hotel room when the guest checked-in. Everyone knows that Australia is home to scary creatures, but no one ever said that they’re in abundance to live with you under the same roof.

An elephant’s crush.

The picture above was taken at South Africa’s Pilanesberg National Park when an elephant attempted to cure its itching by scratching against a car.

A deep dive into the ocean.

Who wishes to emerge from a cool dive into an ocean only to find a big octopus on their back?

Robber skier.

A skier was robbed of his trouser after taking a tumble from a chairlift in Vail, Colorado as he was left dangling for almost ten minutes before getting rescued.

Rain uncle, please go away.

What you see in the picture above is a ruined camping area and adventurers trying to escape from the place.

It is disgusting to even see and imagine.

This alarming picture was taken after the flood that resulted in this basin becoming full of frogs.

And here it falls…

A vehicle collapsed on Fraser Island, Australia.

And this one.

According to a person who mailed this picture, a Canadian tourist in Turkey forgot to use his handbrakes while parking his vehicle.

A fox?

One man claims that he woke up to this on the street, greeted by a fox tugging his trouser.

Why is he smiling?

Well, the tourist may not know yet, but the lemur on his back is using Batman cap as a urinal.


This picture above shows how a seagull snatched an individual’s ice-cream.

Duty free alcohol.

According to the person who shared this picture on the internet, the bound and gagged passenger drank an entire can of ‘duty-free alcohol’ and started screaming ‘we’re going to crash’.

Where’s sunscreen?

Now, this is what you get when you eat soup in a bowl with a spoon without using sunscreen. Isn’t that painful?

When it’s right behind you!

Well, a small wave may not ruin your holiday, but it can destroy your family photo.

Source: Wittyfeed