10 Secrets Behind The Most Popular Magic Tricks Revealed



Whenever we watch a magician doing his tricks we are deeply involved into that trick. Every trick has a structure like any other story. It has an introduction, middle, and the end (conclusion). You can’t read a book or listen to a story from the end or middle – it wouldn’t have any sense. That is a deal with a trick too. Every magician knows how to distract and amaze.

We have found some of simplest explanation for the most popular magic tricks.

Underwater Escape


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The trick in this one involves a couple of factors: physical strength and fake locks. Magician’s assistant needs to make loose latches and hinges before the magician gets in and starts his trick.

The Signed Card

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This one is pretty simple. Someone from the audience needs to sign the card of his/ hers choosing. Magician folds that card and tears it apart. But that’s an illusion or a lie. The magician actually already has a folded card prepared in his/ hers pocket, quickly changes the cars and actually tears his prepared card.

Sword Swallowing

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This is not a trick. However, it needs practice more than any other magic trick, because it can actually kill you. Guys who do that are called fakirs and they have mastered the technique to straighten their body in a perfect line in order to make a way for the sword.

Walking on Water

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This kind of a trick is performed in muddy rivers, muddy lakes, unclear rivers or in swimming pools. The goal is to make a plastic see-through platform which is invisible for the audience. Even you can do that and amaze people with your superpowers.

Hand Through The Glass

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For this trick, magician needs to prepare specially cut screens in order to move his hand through a mirror. Back screen covers 2 mirror panels. When the trick begins, construction has to shift the real mirror to the back and move two fake mirrors to forward. That makes a space to move a hand. At the end, construction shifts to the original position bringing the real mirror to the front.

A Dollar

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The point is to change $1 bill to $100 bills. Magician folds one dollar, puts it behind his fingers and change it to a $100 bill while you are distracted either by him talking or moving hands.

Split Man

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This illusion is a thing of perspective. That is why the performer is always facing the crowd. Performers make an illusion of a split by changing their posture and wearing baggy clothes.

Floating Man

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We have all seen this trick at least once. To us observes it looks like a man is hovering above the ground and holding for a pole or something. That is also a simple trick involving a lot of preparation. That is accomplished by making a special steel construction which will hold the man. That construction is hidden under the performer’s baggy clothes.

The Disappearing of The Statue Of Liberty

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We have all seen this trick on TV. David Copperfield, one of the most recognized magicians did this in 1983. This trick couldn’t be done during the daylight because of the illusion. Why? Well because there was a huge black panel in front of the monument, hiding the monument. At the moment of the trick, assistants turned off the illumination of the monument and just kept the spotlights on. That created an illusion of an empty space. There was also a bright set of lights which blinded the audience just before the trick was performed.

The Disappearing of a Huge Truck

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This trick can only be done on TV.

If you want to make a huge truck disappear in front of a surrounding audience you need to do a couple of things. You need to place your friends as audience and ask some of your friends to drive the truck out of the special construction after the drapes go up. Simple as that.