10+ ”Trendy” Outfits We All Want to Disappear



Fashion nowadays changes so quickly that we can barely follow the newest trends. However, looking at some of the trends, we see really ridiculous things that make us say “Nay!“ instead of ”Yay!”

15. Denim clothes made out of jeans “parts”


14. Leggings with a “hairy legs” pattern

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13. Mud-effect clothes

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12. Fluffy nails

11. Embroidered stockings

10. Towel-bra

9. Inverted jeans

8. Men’s overalls

7. Cowboy sandals

6. Bra and bralette over clothes

5. Belly-like fanny pack

4. Pants under a dress

3. Heeled sports shoes

2. Shorts with zipped pant legs

1. Transparent leggings

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