15 Airport Security Workers Making It Super Awkward



Travelling is always a difficult task. A task that is only made worse by long lines and awkward random checks. These airport pat-downs will make you feel much better about your own experiences.

Too MuchIs he allowed to touch that?

DangerousThis old woman on a wheelchair looks very dangerous!


Just a PeekJust checking to see if everything is in order.

Keep GoingYes, that’s good.


It’s all a part of the job ma’am.

Happy Now?

Yes ma’am, you may go ahead.

Checking EverywhereJust making sure.

Umm…How big are they? You’re not lying are you?

SuspiciousThat outfit looks very suspicious.

Stretch Your ArmsLets see if can get her to do a handstand.

We can see why.

I’ll HelpNothing to see here.

Eye ContactWe can do this the easy way or the hard way.

Best Job EverThere are two more women already half naked in line.

AwkwardThat leg looks fake sir, we need you to step out of the line.