15 Clean Pictures That Prove You Have A Dirty Mind



We all take photographs to capture the memories. But many times, these images capture more than just memories – that usually turn out to be epic fails. You won’t believe the tricks your mind is playing on you. Illusions are a part of the human mind and are known to distort our senses. Any of our senses can get distorted in the process. Illusions with our eyes are known as optical illusions, and illusions with our ear are known as auditory illusions. Not always what you see is exactly the way it is. Sometimes, it takes a rather humorous turn.The above images have deceived your eyes. Below are some images which would clear the concept of illusions for you even further. And not just illusions, these images also sign you up for unstoppable laughter.Have a look at them and see how your brain performs to these utterly confusing viral images!

1. Lifting your girlfriend or?


Look at the image carefully and see if you could tell that who is being picked here and who is the one picking?

2. Headless

She went to a restaurant and got her head chopped off. Seriously, where is it?

3. The magic carpet

The shadow of the flag is placed quite nicely to the podium she is standing on. Looks like she is off to rule some Arabian Nights.

4. That’s furry!

Get your thoughts straight! That’s just a puppy taking its afternoon nap!

5. Weird face

Look closely, it’s just a magazine! Looking at this face scared the hell out of me.

6. Benjamin Button

The curious case of Benjamin Button at the beach! It’s a man with a baby, just perfectly align

7. Odd hormones

I am questioning my growth hormones right now. Why is the infant taller than me?

8. The giraffe eater

It is amazing how he’s taking the giraffe all in!

9. Bull on fire?

Bull’s tail is on fire or fire is on tail? Looks like Methane IS flammable, right?

10. The flying dog

This dog can fly. No really! See for yourself.

11. The weird capture

An icecream stick or what?!

12. A crazy compilation

Even Albert Einstein could not save himself!

13. The cartoon troll

Well, Minnie won’t like to do something like this. **Childhood spoiler**

14. Ladies too were not proof!

They are innocent, are they?

15. Dirty Dancing?

We hope you came out of all these safe!