15 Defaced Textbooks That Are So Funny



You are probably familiar with the feeling of rage and anger when you buy or borrow a book from a library or school and find it vandalized. But in some rare cases, you can’t help but laugh — and laugh hard — as the textbook vandalism turns out to be hilarious.

15. I would be so much more into studying if all the books were like this!


14. The element of surprise came into play when I received my exam grade.

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13. So this is the book Marilyn Monroe once studied?

12. And that’s why our kids think that people always had computers — it’s what their history books say!

11. Figure 4: Patrick Starfish!

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10. My reaction to extra hours of chemistry added to our school syllabus:

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9. Today’s lesson: if you see anybody popping up in front of you, just push him down!

8. What an interesting library!

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7. I’ve spotted a true Haddaway fan!

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6. When there is one piece left:

5. Hello, you! Wanna do something else instead of studying?!

4. The identity of Davy Jones is revealed: a Danish physicist named Niels Bohr!

3. Then I would tell you that you are not Morpheus!

2. Me every time I have to review:

1. The basics of history: whoever documents it can make a good guy be a bad guy!

Bonus: When your teacher is even more hilarious than you are!

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