15 Hilarious Pictures Showing How Life Can Be Unfair To Some People



Life just isn’t fair, is it? That seems like the understatement of the year, though. We all know life is far from fair, but sometimes, it just seems like you’re constantly getting the raw end of the deal.Well, here are some photos that demonstrate just how unfair and cruel life can truly be.

15 Hilarious Pictures Showing How Life Can Be Unfair To Some People

1. Situations like these can break one’s cool.
If there’s one place we really don’t want to pull the short straw, it’s when going to the bathroom. There are a lot of things that can go wrong in there, and we’re sure you can imagine a few, so we’re not going to go into detail.Here’s just one example of how frustrating life can be.
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2. This can be an omen.


3. The entire loaf is like this in a handle form. Where will the butter go?

4. The fork seems to be enjoying itself.

5. Even seen a window seat with no window? Here you go.

6. That’s life, just accept it. Yep, accept it.

7. Every time the straw gets inserted.

8. The pan wants to relax.

9. After all, it’s Kataline Wine Mixer!

10. We all have faced this terrible situation in our lives.x

11. A natural guide to making things frustrating 101.

12. When people start showing you a completely different side of themselves out of nowhere.

13. People, who make such a mess, do they even shop?