16 Prom Photos That Make Screwed Up Our Future



Do you remember your high school prom? Whether or not you attended, whether or not it was a good time or scarred you for life – everyone has a pretty vivid memory in mind of how prom went down.You dressed up, took photos, and danced the night away with your friends. Harmless enough, right? And while even proms from several decades ago weren’t entirely innocent and harmless, they certainly were nothing like the proms that are had today.

16 Prom Pictures Prove Exactly How Screwed Up Our Future Is

The graduating class of 2017 has some serious explaining to do. Only a few months ago, female high school graduates from all across the country gathered to get their hair, nails, and makeup done, while their male counterparts got suited up and laced their dress shoes for the occasion. Or…did they?Take a look at some of these prom photos from the graduating classes of 2017.
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For a reference, this is what people looked like when I went to prom not that long ago.


I am not trying to be that old guy ass hole shitting on people’s parades but come on… This is a fucking joke!

The parents of these couples had to shell out money for the outfits and they get these wonderful pics in return.

The comments on the memes are a mixed bag of “my parents would have disowned me” & “Why aren’t we taking pictures like this bae?” We are seriously screwed.

My favorite comment: This why no one likes that generation. They are shameless. They could care less and plain stupid. Nailed it!

We are fucked.