16 Totally Innocent Pictures that Prove your Mind is Corrupted



A photograph is such a gift to mankind as it gives us a chance to look back at those moments that cannot be brought back and cherish them for years. But the purpose of it all is ambiguous because it can be interpreted in many ways. And the most ludicrous ones are those pictures that have weird angles and taken at a particular moment which may look a little inappropriate. It tricks our brain into assuming sexual portraits which are not the true presentation as we take a quick glance and see an adult content and laugh about it because human minds tend to see the obvious error.

It doesn’t mean we are subjected to being a pervert, just a natural instinct that everyone has. Here is a list of such pictures, why don’t you check if you can minus the sexual content in them.

1. What if it was real?


2. Sssh! Prince Charles would never do that.

3. That is not a drink to get wasted on.

4. Her smiling about this is making it weirder.

5. So, clouds have genders now?

6. That fruit will never be the same.

7. She went up and something else went up too, not really!

8. Just some girl talk and experiments.

9. The peace of mind part is true though.

10. The layers of this boots resemble the Labia.

11. Wonder what’s happening under that bouquet.

12. Why can’t it be a normal looking flower?

13. This is the cold version of a man’s genital organ.

via14. Bubble buttocks in the bathtub waiting for the owner.


15. An interesting doily with nice shaped candles.


16. And, this is called the shadow-illusion.