22 Fantastic Ideas for Transforming Small Rooms



Are some of the rooms in your house or apartment quite small? It’s time to stop seeing this as a problem. You just have to know how to make good use of the space within it, and then even in the tiniest cupboard you’ll be able to live and work, socialise with friends and spend time with your partner in comfort.

To give you some inspiration, we picked 22 of the best ideas for designing small living spaces. Each one is practical and easy to implement.

22. An improvised second level on a shelf


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21. Pull-out beds for two children

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20. A great solution for your child’s small bedroom

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19. Ideal for a living room or a bedroom

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18. Bedroom above, workspace below

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17. How to make an attic room comfortable

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16. A light and airy option

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15. An ideal room for reading

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14. Minimalist design, done to perfection

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13. Your kids will be overjoyed

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12. A room with a hidden bed

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11. A great idea for narrow, rectangular-shaped rooms

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10. A bed in a cupboard (it’s better than it sounds!)

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9. An ideal room for a teenager

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8. Fresh, clean, nothing excessive — just a great design

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7. A very cool transformation of the walls

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6. So airy you’ll think you’re living in a cloud

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5. A great bedroom and living room combo

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4. A fantastic use of space in the bedroom

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3. Simple but stylish

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2. A phenomenal amount of storage space under the bed

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1. A modular bed

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