20 Photo That They Taked and Make me Crazy and You?



20 Pictures That Require A Double Take So That You Don’t Go Crazy

In a world of endless photoshop edits and photo retouching, it can be frustrating to take what you see at face value. How can you know what’s real and what isn’t?Well, these people have tried to create genuine optical illusions – not via the help of a program like photoshop, but from the magic of manipulating their actual surroundings.See if you can spot just how they created these mind-bending illusions!

This one may take some puzzling for you to piece together, but don’t worry, that’s the point!It’s photos like these that may leave you scratching your head, but rest assured, no children or senior citizens were harmed in the creation of this photo!
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2. Oh, no! Somebody help him!


3. Admit it, you were worried for the dog.

4. That guy has some serious flexibility.

5. It’s like that old saying; big dogs climb houses.

6. We’re still not completely sure that we understand this one.

7. Oh, hey, Anubis.

8. A lot of these seem to involve people carrying other people.

9. Our money’s on the ant.

10. We can’t think of anything to call this other than

11. Their first experiments with teleportation didn’t go as planned.

12. Eww. Ohhh. Ewww.

13. It’s her leg, you pervert.

14. Ever have one of those days where you feel like riding a strange woman on a ferry?

15. If you’re fighting a ghost, you’re probably going to lose.

16. “This meeting of the normal-headed club will now come to order. Matt, get out of here.”

17. Nice hand, kid.

He should meet Thigh Baby.

18. It doesn’t help that the baby looks horrifically uncomfortable.

19. We don’t even want to see the store where she got that.

20. Yeah, we don’t know.

This one’s really hard to see in the correct perspective.