20 Photos That you can’t see to end if you don’t want to smile




He just wants a friend to play with.



Tree got really drunk on New Year’s and has been like this ever since.


“Ohhh yeah, RIGHT there. Moooo!”


She found her knight in shining armor in the mirror.


How filthy is this beach?


There are unattended Waffle Houses ready for midnight munchies?


Is your turkey still safe to eat if it is FUZZY?


High five!


When they arrived, we were not ready; better get a cheese plate.


Dog really wishes he was owned by a lazy bastard.




Bruce Wayne’s summer home is not so subtle.


At least they left room in the middle.


Not paying that delivery charge!


Looks like he figured out how to use the camera!


Can almost hear the Knight Rider theme music.

Cool, but HOW!?

Think he will make it?

That is NOT what he was asking for.

Hopefully his aim is better.

Plane loves tummy rubs.

Dog just wants a friend to play with, hey wait..

We’d have a lot of birds in that painting. LOT of birds.

Fail: where is the guy riding his bike in the background?

When Edward Scissorhands settled down.

Inspector Gadget’s Cousin Carl is just a creeper.

Proof of… whatever the hell this is!

Would you buy a cloned animal?

Gun to head: yes or no?

That is bragging rights, right there.

He retired after this.

This is as edgy and offensive as Marilyn Manson gets these days.

Nice coconuts!