20+ Photos To Show The Unluckiest People Ever Having A Real Bad Day



Sometimes life brings you certain unforgettable moments which not everyone is fortunate enough to receive. However, there are some people who happen to be misfortunate enough to lose out a lot, call it bad luck or just another Monday morning mishap, certain incidents can end in life’s biggest blunders. That being said, the situation can be a comical one too where the loss may be big but not enough to cause you emotional grief. Yet, it may also give you something to talk about. Here are 15 most unfortunate people who missed out in their big moment. This is truly hilarious.

1  It makes you wonder what is she wearing beneath?

If your underwear is stuck on your shoulder, does it mean you haven’t any on? Well, that’s a joke but this woman definitely would have never guessed why the smirks and stares that she might have faced in the queue.


2   She blew her birthday cake away candles and all

A big lesson learned here. When you pose with your birthday cake make sure it is on a table and not in your hands.

3  Life’s biggest irony

The quote on the cup said, “It could be the worst”. And, the cup broke so what’s worse than that.

4  Fences are not for photographs

Which these women learned the hard way. If you are going to get all dressed up with little flexibility for your legs, don’t pose sitting on a fence, that’s the worst thing you can do to sabotage your beauty moment.

5  The winner of the face switch competition

Unless you don’t know how to switch faces don’t try this or else this is going to be the result. At first it may not hit you but then look at the guy’s nose instead of the weird faced baby.

6  When I didn’t meet the president

Or did I really meet him?? Well, it seemed like a dream to me that I met President Barack Obama on the subway train, it seemed so real! Silly man, of course, he was there, only you were snoozing away.

7  You can guess where this puck is going

Never get so enthusiastic to get that perfect shot at a hockey game that you may end up being hit by the puck. This guy or gal’s phone might have smashed or was it the nose instead.

8  Adulteration to the highest degree

Trust anyone with bad luck to get a burger or hot dog with cellophane and paper inside it. Maybe it was a new flavor. Cellophane can be really chewy and so can paper.

9  Don’t be too engrossed in a photograph when you’re next to lit candles

This is another lesson learned when you want to click the best photo possible, at least do it without candles or keep far from it. You can imagine the state of this woman’s hair soon after.

10  First life sucks now life sticks

Now that is a mess no doubt but look at the bright side of it. Luckily it wasn’t left on the seat and especially the drivers. Imagine a backside full of that gooey stuff.

11  Split second timing

One can really say two things about this photograph, kudos to the photographer for the split-second timing and the other? Well, it seems someone on the team doesn’t like the coach.

12  Life’s out to get you for sure

Talk about unfortunate people. Now that’s frustration and bad luck in every sense of the word. What are the odds of this happening? A number that isn’t possible to miss out in the sequence was actually missed out.

13   She got her kiss but it was no Prince Charming

Seems like this frog was not planning to settle for a make-believe kiss just for the sake of a photograph, so he went all the way.

14   Now this is very awkward

Imagine if this happened to you. Certainly, an awkward situation especially when you are stuck in the loo. Lucky for this person, there is someone standing there who can help. What if there wasn’t anyone, regardless of how much you tug on that tissue it is going to unravel the whole way.

15  Scrambled Eggs

Now that’s truly an unlucky situation, poor guy, hope he didn’t have to pay for it from his pocket. Nothing comical about this one, just plain bad luck.

16  OOOPs Awkward!!!

Would this make a great photo of your comical memories or would you throw it out as a really unfortunate moment. Depends on your sense of humor I suppose. After all it’s just a shoe.

17  Don’t sleep on the tube when you have pizza

Or else this is exactly what will happen. Poor lady doesn’t even realize her pizza is about to sit flat on the floor.

18  Having a bad day

How worse off can a day really get. Can it get worse than your head stuck like this and a whole load of firefighters needed for a rescue but wonder how she managed that.

19  The photobomb of the year award

The next time you want a photo of your ice cream on Instagram, make sure there are no seagulls around or this may happen.

20  When your dad also fouls up

Imagine this when you get stuck in a ditch and call for help, your dad promptly rushes to your rescue into the ditch himself.

21  Acrobatic photograph

Goodness knows what this woman was trying when posing for this photograph but this is how she landed up.

22  Careful with the chili flakes

Seems this person is having the worst day ever to get a meal spoilt like that. Always check if the chilli flakes container lid is closed tight or not.

23  A shot in the arm

If you thought this was tragic, then think again, people have actually gone overboard with this photo actually photoshopping it with arrows in the guy’s neck, or several arrows all stuck in his body look it up. But an unfortunate incident no less.

24   When you’re on a date and this happens

Not only did she get her heel stuck in the grate, she broke off the grate too.

25  Now this is a real bad day

Truly among unfortunate people, but one wonders how he managed that, perhaps tripped and fell.