Nowadays, immortalizing precious moments is really simple. Everyone has a camera phone, and you know what that means! The more photos taken, the more chances that you’ll time some of them perfectly. But no matter if you are a professional photographer with an expensive camera, no matter how much you pay attention to the tiniest details in your quest to achieve the perfect photo, sometimes to create a masterpiece all you need is a bit of luck. Here are a few examples.

1. Oh, Deer!

Dog Deer

Now I wish my dog had antlers…

2. Owl Always Love You

Owl Man Wedding

Is that the groom or the wingman?

3. Red Bull Gives You Wings


Maybe he can’t walk well, but with such wings he could soar to the skies.

4. All Hail The Champ

A Long Leak

The winner of the pee contest of 2017.

5. Desperate Times…

A Hungry Cat

So hungry… om nom nom… this pole doesn’t taste very good…

6. Armed And Dangerous

One Long Hand

Where does he keep his armies? Up his sleevies!

7. Of two minds…

Two Headed Dog

It must be difficult to decide which way to go. Forwards or backwards? Scratch that, forwards or forwards?

8. A zebra centaur. A zebtaur!

Zebra Lady

Cool leggings! Wonder where she got them from… The Safari Store?

9. This is humerus

Three Legs

It’s great to have three legs – greater stability!

10. Now Stretch Your Neck To The Right

A Rare Breed

A rare sighting of the elusive two headed giraffe. It can only be seen at high noon on a Tuesday the 29th in a leap year.

11. Deep Diving

Head Long

That guy is up to his neck in… well… trouble…

12. The reverse centaur

 Horse Man

Why the long face?

13. Never skip leg day

Long Legs

When they say people in love at one point become one, they didn’t mean it literally, did they?!

14. Air Hockey

Invisible Hockey

Casper the friendly ghost, the friendliest ghost you know.

15. Baby Got Back

Where is his head? Is he a superhero? What is going on?! 16. A Big Back

Her shirt is a bit tight around her shoulders.

16. He’s had a Ruff Week

Hybrid On The Bus

Anubis is here to escort you to the afterlife, puny mortal! But, not today. Today is his day off.

17. Coo Coo, Motherf-

Attack Of The Pigeons

Don’t worry, people, that’s not a real giant pigeon. It’s a robot that can shoot lasers from its eyes. The Japanese have been working on it for years.

18. A Night-mare. Geddit?

 A Sick Horse

The protagonist of the new Alien movie.

19. In A Hairy Situation…

A Hairy Arm

When it’s winter and you don’t have a boyfriend.

20. The More The Merrier

 Three Boobs

It’s a booby trap!

21. Two Left Feet

Foot Loose

The game is afoot!

22. An Old Head On Young Shoulders.

Big Head

This kid is headed somewhere special.

23. Fight Fire With Fire

Dragon Dog

The best guard dog in the world. Think I’m just a cute and fluffy puppy? You’ll burn for your mistake!

24. The Hover Lady

Floating Legs

She accidentally used some of that Tom & Jerry vanishing cream.

Source: auntyacid

From: metdaan