24 Sports ‘Wardrobe Malfunctions’ That Are Still Embarrassing




It makes sense that once in a while our athletic wear would fail us; it’s just incredulous how often it happens!

Here is a collection of some of the craziest, most memorable, sports wardrobe malfunctions that have occurred.


1. No one is perfect, not even athletes or their athletic wear. When it comes to a super embarrassing moment involving a wardrobe slip up, it looks like most athletes will push through in an attempt to grab that W; like jockey Blake Shinn who continued to do his thing after his pants came right down.


2. This seems to be a common mishap for swimmers or any athlete in tight clothing for that matter. Splitting your pants is bad enough in front of one person, let alone ripping your suit in a World Championship. The whole world doesn’t want to see that (I think?), and I doubt Ricky Berens wanted them too either when this happened to him at the 2009 World Championships.

3. Whoever thought these flesh-colored uniforms were a good idea didn’t think about it hard enough. The Colombian women’s cycling team in 2014 unveiled these uniforms and left many scratching their heads. The flesh-colored stripe on their cycling suits ended up being one of the biggest fashion no-nos in sports.


4. Nothing like a little flag mishap. Filipino sprinters Eric Cray and Kayla Richardson showcased their inverted Philippine flags on their uniforms during the 100-meter competitions in the Southeast Asian Games. When people pointed out the mistake, it turns out it was a mishap made by the supplier. Come on suppliers, you have one job!


5. This does not seem like the place you want to be while tackling down a player on the opposing team. This unfortunate football player ended up near a competitor’s behind while trying to tackle him down, and things got worse when he accidentally dragged down his pants along with him. Apparently, New England tight end Rob Gronkowski has a habit of exposing his butt when opponents try and bring him down. Interesting tactic.

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6. Another instance in sports where someone loses their pants, or in this case, their white soccer shorts. Not only did this player illegally grab Nick Helenius at a 2013 soccer match as he tried to score a goal…but this unfortunate incident happened! Apparently, an effective method to preventing a point by the opposing team is to expose their tighty-whities; pretty much creating a nearly impossible situation for them to focus on trying to score. The best part? No penalty was called on the play.

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7. Luckily, this wardrobe malfunction didn’t actually happen during a competition but rather during a photoshoot.  Luckily, Stephanie Gilmore managed to keep it together and recovered gracefully.

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8. We can’t exclude the classic zipper mishaps. The athlete made good use of the suit, busted zipper and all when he posted the hilarious look on Twitter to give everyone a good laugh.

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9. Ekaterina Rubleva, a former ice skater from Russia had an unfortunate – let’s call it what it is – nip-slip during the European Figure Skating Championships. Unfortunately for this Russian figure skater, due to the wardrobe malfunction, it became a performance that would be impossible to forget.


10. Another World Championship, another pair of split pants. At the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics in Switzerland, British bobsledder Gillian Cooke bent over and accidentally mooned the world when she experienced this embarrassing wardrobe malfunction. It was right before they hit the course when the athlete’s pants ripped down the middle, right at the buttocks. Luckily, Cooke and her partner still managed to qualify.


11. Remember what we said about neutral athletic wear? Venus Williams has her own high-end, athletic clothing line which she showcases throughout her many successful tournaments. Unfortunately, she chose to wear these flesh-toned booty shorts under her skirt and when the breeze took over it may or may not look like she’s not wearing anything underneath from a distance.


12. Former Angel baseball player Adam Riggs didn’t have a long baseball career, but he certainly made it memorable when he came out with this misspelled jersey! Riggs only played a total of 61 games in the major leagues, and still managed to end up with this manufacturer’s defect. How did the supplier mess up ‘Angees’ with ‘Angels’? Sometimes there just isn’t a justifiable explanation for these blunders.

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13. Similar to the women’s cycling uniforms, this men’s swim team ended up with a rather unfortunate swimsuit. We’re not sure if these really are mistakes made by the manufacturer failing to see the bigger picture – or if they’re secretly making these on purpose knowing full well where our minds will go. Singapore’s men’s water polo team was in hot water over this design, which was deemed inappropriate by the government.


14. This runner wasn’t going to stop the race for a little wardrobe malfunction. In 2017, marathon runner Jozef Urban gave a cheering crowd quite the show when he had a little slip up with his shorts – or should we say a slip out. He should definitely invest in a different pair of shorts for the next race he decides to run.


15. If this image is unfamiliar to you, then you’ve probably never caught a Lingerie Bowl. Now referred to as the Legends Cup, this championship game features female athletes in helmets, shoulder pads, elbow pads, knee pads, bras and underwear playing full-contact American football. A wardrobe malfunction kind of seems like a given.


16. Italian swimmer Flavia Zoccari experienced this embarrassing wardrobe malfunction at the Mediterranean Games. The top Italian swimmer was in tears after her bathing costume burst open in an unfortunate place during her big race. The worst part was the failing top-of-the-line bathing suit that forced her to be disqualified from the event. This may just be the worst kind of way to lose.

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17. Brace yourself for more swimming slip-ups, because a wardrobe malfunction during these events seems to be pretty common. Considering they’re doing extraneous amounts of physical activity in a bathing suit, which tends to be less clothing and more skin, it’s not that surprising that the worst-case scenario has occurred on more than one occasion for these talented water polo players.


18. Another sporting event involving a pool and a bathing suit and a sports wardrobe malfunction isn’t far behind. Maybe it’s time for them to come up with a better swimsuit that can prevent these types of ‘whoops’ moments, but it’s a testament to these athlete’s focus and determination that they don’t let it slow them down – in fact, it seems like they barely notice!

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19. The Rugby World Cup had a whoops moment after a match between England and the US where someone almost lost their shorts. England managed to secure their spot in the World Cup semi-final but it wasn’t without sacrifice; one of the England players was the cause of much discussion on Twitter after she flashed her underwear to the world unintentionally. I’m sure winning the match made up for her embarrassment, though.


20. Can you imagine standing in front of a football stadium-sized crowd and having this happen to you? Keeping her cheerleading spirit in full force (or maybe she just hasn’t realized this happened yet), this cheerleader didn’t let a little top mishap stop her from getting the crowd riled up – in fact, she probably had their full attention after this.


21. Tennis player Arantxa Rus doesn’t seem concerned about some peeking skin. You would hope a crowd’s primary focus would be on your tennis skills during a tournament, but it seems after this tennis player’s rally many couldn’t help but notice there seemed to not be much happening under her skirt that took into consideration unwanted breezes or sudden movements found in any good tennis match.


22. Like we said, that sports wardrobe malfunction with Russian skater Ekaterina Rubleva wasn’t the first and certainly will not be the last in figure skating. An important part of figure skating is presentation, so it’s understandable that both the men and women want to look their best to boost their scores; however, sometimes it seems this can easily backfire on them when their costume surpasses what’s wearable and reliable.

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23. This is another example of how the Lingerie Bowl, or Legends Cup, can be legend-ary for sports wardrobe malfunctions (see what I did there?). We can’t say it’s surprising that in a contact sport involving a bare-minimal uniform typically worn underneath more layers of clothing would end up with some body parts getting exposed. There isn’t much to grab on to!


24. Another cheer, another cheerleader with an unfortunate sports wardrobe malfunction. I don’t know what it is about cheerleading but it seems they’re more vulnerable to sports wardrobe malfunctions more often than the average athlete. This unfortunate cheerleader ended up flashing her underclothing to the entire crowd after her uniform got stuck and failed her.

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