25 Photos Taken A Second Before Disaster Struck



Photography lets people capture unforgettable memories that lead to certain magical photos taken at just the right time. They say timing is everything, and these photos taken at the right time certainly back up that claim. The photographers responsible for these perfectly timed photos and photos taken at the right moment deserve Pulitzer-level admiration for not blinking in the face of adversity to capture moments that will last an Internet lifetime.

In their own weird way, these photos taken at the right time inexplicably draw the eye with their uncanny timing and staging, if only so you can revel in the relative peace before the storm hits. Take a look at these perfectly timed pictures taken a second before disaster struck and appreciate the true beauty of pre-disaster photography at its finest.



Whatever Floats Your Goat


Straight Tripping


Top Gear: Achieved


In Full Swing


Wet Wedding


Swing And A Hit


Not-So-Sweet Sixteen


Don’t Go Spacing On Waterfalls


Truck You Very Much


What’s That Smell?


Cool Your Jets


Batter Up!


The Old Hammer Toss


Pouring It On


Crying In 3, 2…


When It Rains




Go To The Mattresses


Never Crash Head First


Get Off Your High Horse


Here, Have A Seat


Babe In The Woods


Slip ‘N Slide


Time to Hit the Road


Tears For Beers