25+Photo That make you cry




Headed into 2018 like…



When the people are gone the pets shall inherit the earth.


The painting above him is so weird.


The good news is Axl Rose has that Benjamin Button disease; new GNR album!


Cat is out of F’s to give at this point.

Hipster time vortex.


Weird new subculture called “Birding” where dudes like to live as birds.

Not sure if this is supposed to be appetizing.


Times were tough once they blew up the Death Star.


And we are supposed to be concerned about computers taking over the world.


That new camera is going to be awesome.


She said “maybe.”


What are the chances the owner of this truck has a tattoo of the truck on his cheek?


The finger will be delicious on the bagel.

Can’t decide if this is genius or lazy.

of 40

After the photo he took the rolled-up socks out of his arms.


She was hired by the guy in yellow to distract the other riders.



The troops are at attention.


Good work sucking it in!


Got to practice somehow!


Will have a nice cushion if the plane goes down.


Why you should always keep a second phone just for porn.


They drive a hard bargain.

Everyone trying super hard not to make eye contact.


Where trumpet players get their inspiration.

Scroll with me if you want to live.


This sign means that at it happened at least once.


The mailman loves this.




Turn around SLOWLY.


Well our spidey senses are tingling.



Bonus pic, Time to go skinny dipping.