30+Photos That We are together viewed and Laughed



These guns don’t need a show to be legal in all 50 states.



Missed a button!


Sick bastard wears his cousin like a cape.


A tid bit nipley out there for ya, eh?!


Well meow!


Why your mom always says to clean the bathroom!


You could call this a micro-machine if you want.


Time to go ice skating!



Old timey bikes were super fast.

What was your favorite Game Boy game?!




Back to The Future Part 3 was EVERYONE’s favorite.


We are way too lazy to be into fashion.


This purse thief is waiting for someone to say something.


New slippers are going to be super warm.


Dare you to get a matching face tattoo.


We are just going to knock a tooth out and save the trouble of growing a cavity.



Fixed it!


Hipster Amish: they use electricity.


She can’t believe it either.


Always be prepared.


Saw a porn like this once.


You really don’t want to clean his sheets.


RIP Carl.


And then he smashed his phone on the ground and stomped on it.


Moment Grandpa wishes she would just pull the plug.


Still has no idea where he is going.


When you show up late to the party like…


Put some chicken chunks in it and we are good to go.


This explains a lot.


Party hat!


Or on the bus.


The perfect day.


Always that one friend that has to one up you.



We love pineapple.