40+ Funny Photos That be able to fail



Don’t forget LEG day!



He’s getting hit right in the melon!


We’d follow that cock into battle!



Wonder what after school club he belongs to?


A place to enjoy the great outdoors.


Totally has lice.


You can’t LEAF until you complete the maze.


Stop hitting the gas, you might have flood it.


Who says romance is dead?


Nailed it!

What is the most expensive thing you ever broke in a store?


The mailman loves delivering new issues of Guns ‘N Ammo here.


Dog was promised peanut butter for this.


What is your favorite Arnold movie?

If the van is a rockin, it is probably the busted tire.


When they knew it was time to retire.


Porn station one.


When you find bacon in your laundry.


Proof that humans lived with dinosaurs.


It is all downhill from there.


Which do you choose?


RIP Carol.


2018 fashion trends are weird already.


Penguin is a damn monster.


Lars laughs at this every time he sees it on his car.


The size counts.


He is sad he can never see his pepper.


The club is not ready for this.


When you were hoping there would be cake for everyone.


Size counts, part two.

She doesn’t want him to be jealous of that awesome backpack.


Making sure nothing flops out.


Carl is allergic to dogs and about to break out.


The weird part is that is her O face.


They are jealous of her lower back problems.


Give her your best pickup line.


Backwards hats are sexy again.

Honest question: Yay or nay?


Who wants to go boating?