40+ Pics That is Fourty Viewing Life What you are funny



When the ball goes in the parking lot everyone gets MAD.



In detail describe the person that drives this car.


What is a celebrity you would get a tattoo of?


Not cool bro!


Cookie Monster looks like he went on a meth bender of cookies.


They have everything you could need in life right there.


Guy who died took this ascending” to Heaven.


“Do you know how fast you were going?”


Clothes are going to be TOASTY.


The school was going to implement uniforms, but the kids were already on it.


In twenty years this tattoo will seem strange; just kidding, he won’t live that long.


When you are waiting for the pizza delivery guy like…


He likes to lay at the bottom of the pool and watch people swim.


Cat really can’t wait for the summer months to come back.


When you need to take your car to the hair salon.


Taking his second amendment freedoms seriously.


13g?! She went too far this time.


This is how she gets ready to look at the Break gallery.


Ready to go fishing!


That is going to BLEED coming out.


Enjoying one last sunset.


Now the janitor is going to have to clean up this mess!


Moments before exiting a speeding car.


2018 fashion trends are off to a great start.


You had us at beer!


How the end of 2017 feels.


They lost the battle of keeping this van clean.


Well, he does have a point there, but weird for the principal of a school to have this sticker.


Noah’s Truck was not as successful.


He is almost done captioning the Break gallery. Good boy!


Serve your lady a pizza while wearing THESE.


What is the WORST car you ever had?


The driver is actually anti legalization but just likes the pattern.


Such a drama queen.


Some people have to be reminded to do everything.


Nice neighborhood until the squirrels come for you at night.

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