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When it comes to clean, uncluttered kitchen design, nobody does it better than the Scandinavians. With their sleek, streamlined surfaces, clever storage for hiding clutter, and light, muted colour palette, Scandi style kitchens appear brighter, lighter and super stylish.

Source : carrebianhome.com

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40 Ideas To Decorate The Wall You Hang Your TV On
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Entertainment walls have become an important living room feature, and now provide stiff competition for the traditional feature fireplace. TV lovers want their box in pride of place to achieve the optimum viewing angle, so increasingly the lounge fireplace is being bumped to a side wall or corner adornment. This interior reshuffle leaves space to imagine a new living room feature wall with the TV at its centre. It also presents extra requirements for storage of receiver and recorder equipment, plus movie media, consoles and games. So how do we achieve a modern vista beautiful enough to take the place of a mantelpiece, and on what do we now display our treasured items?

Source: Lagabe

This wall and base unit combo is mounted against a wood panel backdrop, which visually holds the entire arrangement together. The TV is mounted to one end of the long console, with the opposite side being used as the ideal place to display a few favourite art prints lit by designer lamps.

Source: Lagabe

The wood panel behind this TV runs up against a tall bookcase of matching wood tone.

Via: Isabel Miro

Due to the slimline storage space requirements of a media console unit, layouts can get creative. This offset alignment gives the illusion of sliding volumes, pulling away to leave display nooks.

Visualizer: FOG Architecture

This backlit television makes a feature of its woodgrain mount even when the screen is not in use. A block arrangement of media units to the side creates a place to display decorative and treasured items.

Visualizer: Snuper Design

In this living room, not just the television but the TV wall panel itself is backlit. The feature provides a lovely cosy glow, in lieu of a traditional flame fireplace. The low shelf at the base of the installment is reminiscent of a hearth too.

Visualizer: Hung Le

Wall mounted units are a popular choice for a TV wall. Uninterrupted floor space looks clear and tidy; the room looks more spacious and is also easier to clean. The LED lighting strip that runs beneath the upper unit in this particular arrangement adds to the look of weightlessness, as well as illuminating display items beneath.

Visualizer: Ngoc Nguyen

This entertainment wall is made up of a floor standing base unit and a unique wall shelf that displays motivational posters on its surface and a small selection of books within a neat return.

Visualizer: Vizline Studio

If it’s a luxe look you’re after then how about mounting your TV onto marble effect panels. A side positioned contemporary fireplace on a low level wall mounted unit adds to the high-end finish.

Visualizer: Evgeny Garchu

Running a backing panel vertically, all the way from floor to ceiling, creates the impression of a chimney breast when there is none.

Visualizer: Lens Decor

Using two contrasting materials over your wall and storage volumes brings added interest.

Designer: Talispace

Cat lovers can use the entertainment wall as an opportunity to incorporate cat ladders and feline hideaways. This cleverly constructed wall disguises a cat ladder as a set of casually offset shelves and a cabinet display nook. There is also a cat flap leading into a compartment within an adjacent cupboard.

Designer: The November Design

No wall on which to hang your TV? No problem. Consider installing a half height room divide to hold your TV set. The home pictured here topped off the room divider with some internal windows to allow natural light to flow between two spaces.

Visualizer: DA Visual

You almost don’t notice the TV in this home beyond the plant stands. Dark window frames balance out the black TV set, and backlit display nooks draw the eye away.

Visualizer: Alina Prokopenko

A centrally constructed storage unit provides ideal placement for the television in this home.

Visualizer: Buro

How’s this for a modern take on wainscoting? Asymmetric geometric panels make a technological pattern over this TV feature wall, with one frame picked out in fluorescent orange.

Visualizer: Mateusz Mielcarek

The geometric pattern over this yellow accent living room has been marked out with tape then painted in. The TV is almost invisible against one solid black section.

Designer: SMLXL

A sectioned of exposed brickwork has been painted to contrast behind the TV in this blue living room.

Visualizer: Plasterlina

Like optical illusions? Check out how this red paintwork has been applied to appear as a 3D box behind the TV, and the way pale grey sections of paint across the ceiling and floor create a nook with the adjoining bookcase.

Visualizer: Alina Puzhak

TVs in the kitchen don’t have to be plonked at the end of a countertop either. This one nestles nicely where a run of wall cupboards have been brought up short. The bright yellow ones above pull the kitchen and the television area together.

Visualizer: Archivizer

Wood finish accent walls don’t have to be flat. This amazing wooden wall has been designed to mimic shattered glass, with each section of wood cut into a shard. The wooden ‘shards’ were then mounted not quite flush, so that each piece would reflect the light at a slightly different angle to achieve the desired effect.

Visualizer: BIM Group

Wood slat walls are another great way to give added texture to a woodtone wall. This one also incorporates sections of ‘living wall’, with plants situated right between the slats.

Visualizer: Shady Salah

Grey toned wood has been spliced into a tile-like design here. The same wood tone is used for the door of a base console and a side unit that displays decorative crockery and wine glasses.

Visualizer: Phase 6 Studio

A concrete wall makes a dramatic partnership with wood tone.

Visualizer: Zoreslava Nartova

Fans of the Tron movie should appreciate this blue lit technologically inspired feature wall. With colour changing LED lighting this setup could take on many looks. You can get wireless smartphone controlled led lights here.

The undulating line of these media units presents a place to put books and a dramatic display of decorative vases.

Visualizer: Alexey Gulesha

This book lover’s living room sacrifices a book nook for the TV.

Visualizer: Federico Cedrone

Even though the television takes the centre spot in this living room, the books still take all the spotlight.

Designer: StudioMK27

A painting is exhibited at one side of this nook to balance out the TV.

Visualizer: Ruslan Tcacenco

Lime green bookshelves stand out against exposed brickwork over this TV wall. The television is set on a concrete shelf, with wooden logs stowed beneath.

Visualizer: Zan Studio

Coffee tables and side tables have been matched with the tone of this TV wall panelling.

Visualizer: Timur Gritsan

This TV has been mounted to a towering chimney breast where large wooden slabs overlap one another, appearing like a huge work of art.

Visualizer: Vuong Hai Duong

A reflective black backdrop camouflages glossy TV screen. The colourful stripe rug and scatter cushions on the sofa also work to draw the eye away from the powered down set and into the room.

Visualizer: Sitnik Vladimir

How about this giant propellor to distract the eye from a blank TV set! This brick wall living room has some amazing features but the glossy TV setup with integrated speaker surround looks pretty awesome too.

Visualizer: Mihail Scherbak & Timothy Kalakutsky

A distressed chest with metal borders and rivets works well in an industrial style living room.

Visualizer: Mateusz Limanówka

This offset TV console is balanced out by the presence of a bright modern accent chair.

Visualizer: Mateusz Limanówka & Spacja Studio

If your home is short on storage, an entertainment wall can be an opportune place to incorporate extra units for possessions other than media consoles and accessories.

Visualizer: Lugerin Igor

Wall clocks have long held court over mantelpieces, and they look just as good on an entertainment wall.

Visualizer: Evan Popilnukha

The black frame around this TV panel makes it look like part of the art gallery. If you like this look then check out these living rooms with large wall art.

Architect: Pozas Arquitectos

Units create a chunky frame around this wall mounted television and speaker unit. Display shelves have been set inside the frame for extra visual effect.

Designer: Womorrow

This box shelf provides a place to sit a flat screen TV on its stand, along with a few more decorative items.

Source : home-designing.com

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DIY Planter Box Ideas To Welcome Spring And Summer With
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Potted plants, whether big or small, bring us closer to nature and add color to our homes. Outdoor plants are no different. If anything, they surround us with freshness and vibrant beauty. A DIY planter box can potentially increase their charm even more. As always, we’ve prepared to offer you a bunch of ideas regarding the design and building process so you can choose the ones you like best for future customization. Without further ado, here are our favorite DIY planter box projects gathered over the years.

We’re going to start with a minimal concrete planter box just because it’s so incredibly easy to put together. A while ago we posted a detailed tutorial showing how to build one of these. The planter is made of only four concrete pavers which means there’s no bottom paver and the water goes right into the soil under the planter. Be sure to place it accordingly. Use landscape adhesive and concrete sealer to ensure the structural integrity of the planter and to give it a uniform and minimalist look.

Next up, a pallet planter. If you’re already an enthusiast of DIY projects and crafts, you might have worked with wooden pallets before and perhaps you have some leftover planks somewhere waiting to be put to good use. Now is your chance. First you need to build a frame for your pallet planter and then to cover it up with pallet boards. Add the bottom, make a trim around the interior and attach the angled legs. After that, paint the planter box. Check out our video tutorial to find out a few tips regarding this project.

Window box planters are very cool because they let you enjoy the sweet smell of the flowers whenever you open the window plus they also look great from the outside. Building one from scratch is pretty easy too. You need three cedar boards (other types can work too) as long as your window and two smaller ones (their length should match the width of the other 3 boards). Secure the boards with decking screws. If you want you can stain, paint or seal your window box planter.

If you have a deck or a covered terrace you might also want to consider a DIY hanging planter. Once again, you can use leftover pallet boards if you have any. If you cut the boards exactly in two you can make a medium-sized planter box. Two pallet pieces per side should be enough. You can secure the top and bottom of the planter with extra pieces of wood just to be sure it holds. When the box is done, paint it and then hang it with metal chain and screw-in hooks.

We love projects that involve recycled wood. These crafts usually have a lot of character and are always unique and special in some way. A planter box is one of the many things you can make out of leftover pieces of wood from previous projects or from boards salvaged from old fences or barns. Isn’t this chevron planter box charming? Yes, it’s made of recycled wood and you can make it as big as you want as long as you have enough material. Find out all about it on stuffsethmakes.

Since you’re building the planter box yourself from scratch, you can give it any dimensions you want. Perhaps you could make one that perfectly fits in the corner of your balcony or one that can look nice in your entryway or out on the deck. The design doesn’t have to be complicated. Keep it simple and practical and let the plants be the center of attention. If you like this cedar planter box, check out the tutorial for it on instructables.

Another cool idea is to build a planter box with multiple sections or to combine several individual planter modules into a larger unit. The inspiration here comes from instructables where we found another interesting project, this time involving rustic fence boards and a symmetrical form that looks like a plus sign (or an x or a cross). The most difficult and time-consuming part is making all the cuts. You have to be precise or otherwise the planter won’t be symmetrical or the pieces won’t fit together.

This hexagon-shaped planter is pretty awesome too. As you can see, it’s pretty big and it’s divided into seven smaller compartments. On homedepot you can find a very detailed tutorial explaining all the steps and measurements. Once you get down to it, it’s really not that complicated. With attention to detail and patience you can build your own hexagon planter and you can fill it with beautiful fresh herbs or flowering plants.

If you have enough materials you could make not one but two planter boxes and you could stack them to save space. This idea comes from jenwoodhouse where we found this stylish chevron two-tiered vertical planter tutorial. The project starts with the frame. Once you’ve built that, you can start attaching all the individual boards which you’ve previously cut to size. The chevron pattern is a nice touch, although cutting all the pieces is quite tedious.

While it’s definitely easy to repurpose a barrel or a bucket into a planter, aesthetically the transformation is not that great unless, of course, you surround the planter with a sort of mask. If you’re interested in how to achieve all that, check out this step-by-step tutorial from instructables. It teaches you how to cut a barrel and how to turn it into a planter and then how to build a wooden cover for it.

If you have a fence or a deck or terrace with guardrails, you could decorate them with flower boxes and you could make those out of pallet boards. These boxes could also be hanged outside the window with minimal interventions to the design and structure. On simplifythechaos you can find more details regarding this projects, with instructions on how to plan everything, start to finish.

Planter boxes can also be displayed in tiers, as suggested on mcfarlanddesign. What we like about this idea is that the planters can be hanged in a variety of different settings and also in various manners. One option is to display them in groups along an exterior wall  but you could also put these boxes indoors where you could grow succulents or herbs without wasting any space on the floor or on the counter.

Interested in growing a salad garden in your balcony? That’s entirely possible and the first thing you need to do is build a planter. We using this DIY cedar planter box which was featured on ehow. It’s sturdy, durable, not to mention good-looking and it has the right size. Don’t you just love its simplicity and that elegant contrast between the black legs and edges and the rest of the box?

There are obviously a lot of interesting and good-looking planter box designs worthy of being mentioned here today and it’s a shame we can’t show you all of them but we can select our favorites and these criss-cross planters from centsationalstyle are among them. Building something like this is pretty easy. You basically just put together a cube-shaped frame and then you cover the sides and the bottom with wood boards cut to the right size. After that, all that’s left to do is add the decorative details to get that criss-cross pattern.

Want something special that’s as much a wall decoration as it is a planter? Check out this monogram planter box featured on ellerydesigns. Of course, if you decide to go with a different letter, one that’s not “k” then this entire tutorial will be pretty much useless to you and you’ll have to come up with your own detailed plan for the project.

Cascading flowers are not exactly the type that thrives in the kind of planters that we showed you so far. They need room to hang and to showcase their beauty and for that to happen you need to build a special kind of planter box. Don’t worry, it’s not nothing too complicated. Basically you can just make a regular planter box and just cut a bunch of holes on its sides so the plants can grow through them. This ingenious idea comes from hertoolbelt.

Tall planters like the one we found on bowerpowerblog form another special category. Building a tall planter box is not more difficult than building a regular, low planter…there are just a few design differences. Keep in mind that you also need a pot to put inside this box so perhaps it would be practical to first select the pot and then to design the planter box around it.

Here’s another tall planter box, this time with a rectangular form. Apart from all the wood boards, to build such a planter you’ll need glue, a nail gun, a drill, wood stain, waterproof sealant, and some rope for those decorative details on the front. You can find out all about this project on cherishedbliss.

This cute and quirky planter box featured on biggerthanthethreeofus is pretty special as it also functions as a side or accent table. Moreover, it incorporates three small plant slots that are perfect for succulents, cacti and small plants in general. The form also allows this planter box to be ideal for corner spaces.

The last design we want to show you today is a hybrid between a planter box and a bench. The project comes from brittanystager and is easier than you think. The design is simple and elegant and one of the planter is a bit taller than the bench which is a really nice touch, allowing the rim to serve as an armrest as well as a small side table.

Source : homedit.com

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19 Craft Room Organization Hacks You Need to See
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We’ve all been there: you get all excited to start a DIY project and you know you have some of the supplies, but rifling through boxes and bins is exhausting and frustrating. By the time you find what you need, you are feeling defeated and don’t have time to finish your project. That’s where these craft room organization tips come in! Organize your sewing, knitting, and DIY supplies so they are super easy to find and motivate you to actually start on all those DIY projects you have pinned.

1. Craft Room Closet Organization

This is a must-read post for anyone who wants to organize their craft room and is in need of serious inspiration. I love all the labeled matching bins. In fact, I just saw bins like this at my local Dollar Tree, so make sure to check yours! Don’t have time or can’t find them at your dollar store? Click here for a great deal on storage bins like these. (via Design Improvised)

2. The Ikea RASKOG cart is perfect for mobile craft supply storage.

One of the best parts about this is that you can wheel it with you to wherever you are working instead of having to cart everything on your own. It is a cheap and super practical addition for your craft room. (via Little House of Four)

3. DIY Glue Gun Holder

Why have I never seen these before? A glue gun holder is so practical, solving the age old issue of the glue melting out of the gun and all over your work surface. Brilliant! (via Virginia Sweet Pea)

4. DIY Leather Mason Jar Holder

I love this rustic looking DIY mason jar holder. It will be perfect for craft room organization of paint brushes, knitting supplies, colored pencils…so many uses! (via Natalme)

5. Craft room organizing hack for wrapping paper

This hack is genius and one that would definitely come in handy in our house. Put your favorite wrapping papers (that can be switched out for each season) on this easy cup hook & dowel contraption for easy access. Plus, no more dented corners or wrinkled wrapping. (via Woman’s Day)

6. Craft room organization peg board

Craft supplies are so cute and colorful – why not decorate with them! This pegboard idea is a 2-in-1: decorating and organizing your craft room at the same time! And believe me when I tell you there is SO much more to see in this post, so make sure to check it out. (via Something Turquoise)

Check out our post for more pegboard organization ideas that are as stylish as they are practical.

7. Use cubbies for paint storage

I always see these cute wooden cubbies at Target or Hobby Lobby, but think to myself, what would I use it for? Well this is the perfect idea! Organize all your paint by color with this genius craft room organization hack. (via Craftaholics Anonymous)

8. Use a straw holder to organize all your ribbons.

I adore this craft room organization hack because it stores all your ribbon vertically to take up less space, lets your easily see what you have, and easily pulls out to use. Brilliant! (via The Wight Family)

10. Mason Jar Organization Jars

Who doesn’t love a label maker? And if you always wanted one but never had one, here’s an excuse to finally buy it (only $15)! These adorable labeled mason jars are the perfect storage ideas for all your various craft supplies. (via Jessica Peterson Photo)

11. Buy or build a wine rack for the perfect yarn storage hack.

Similar to above with the wooden cubbies, a wooden wine rack can also be hacked for yarn storage. I love how organizing your yarn by color turns it into a wall art piece too! (via Repeat Crafter Me)

12. Embroidery Floss Organization Hack

Similarly, check out this brilliant hack to keep your embroidery floss organized and tangle free using clothespins! (via Heather J’s Life)

13. Hanging storage craft supply hacks

If you have more ribbon than our above straw holder hack can accomodate, this is the solution for you. Use one of these multi-pants hangers (get one here for under $10) for this smart space-saving craft room organization hack. Then, you can use a hanging zippered organizer like this one to organize your buttons and other supplies.

14. DIY Drawer Organizer

Craft supplies are notoriously little and easy to lose, so these DIY drawer organizers that you can make yourself for just a few dollars are perfect! You don’t have to have a handy bone in your body either because you can even use wood glue to attach them (no nails required!). (via The Organized Mom)

15. Paint storage hacks

A 3-tiered wire basket stand is another great craft room organization idea to save space. You can likely find one on sale at a local Home Goods or TJMaxx. Then, if you are a serious painter who uses higher quality tubes, this other paint storage hack is perfect. It keeps all your paint tubes within reach and you can roll them up before clipping on to easily squeeze more out when you need it. (via Diana Dellos Designs)

16. Clear Hanging Pocket Organizers

Put your colorful craft supplies on display with these hanging storage organizers. Prefer it not to be see-through? This cute fabric option is perfect. (via Fall For DIY)

17. DIY Paintbrush Storage Board

Whenever I go to paint something, I end up buying another brush at the hardware store because I can’t remember if I have one in the right size. But with this craft room organization hack, your paint brushes will be on display and easy to inventory. I know I’ve already said this, but I love how these craft room organization hacks end up looking like unique art pieces too. (via Lemon Thistle)

18. DIY Color-dipped Glass Jars

You cannot have enough of these awesome glass jars! You can pick the huge gallon size up for under $10 at Target and there are seriously more organizing uses for them than I can count. I love this idea to give them a color dipped look for craft organization – adorable! (via Alice & Lois)

19. DIY Copper Pipe Washi Tape Organizer

As you know, functional and stylish is my favorite combination and this DIY Washi tape organizer using copper pipe hits it out of the park! (via Something Turquoise)

Source : shetriedwhat.com

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40+ Easy to Make Diy Pallet Furniture Ideas
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Wise people never go market to buy expensive things for home because they know how to save money and how to furnish surroundings in an economical manner. When we listen the word pallets, many ideas of reusing them come to our mind. Wood pallets can be used to make furniture and they can help the wise people to make valid use of them. It is not a bad idea to recycle wooden pallets because they are very easy to reshape into any style. Here we present awesome pallet ideas to refurbish your surroundings. The people who think pallets make an area dull and dirty, can see the following lavishing and enchanting ideas. They will definitely impress by these ideas.

First of all, we present rustic cabinet idea. This pallet cabinet is looking unique with the open and closed area. You can place decoration pieces on the open area and the items that are not placed in the open area, can place in closed area. This rustic cabinet is perfect for any area, where something is required for storage.

Create By : Pallet Decor

Here we present a pallet couch for seating arrangements which is looking more appealing with ironed frame and matching soft fabrics are placed on it to make it more comfortable. Wide planks of pallets are attached with the base and planks are of dark brown color. Many couches can be made to fulfill seating requirements as it seems easy to copy.

A cabinet is the basic requirement of every home. Look at this project, a pallet cabinet has shown with complete open area. Drawers and doors can be attached to the lower areas to keep the things safe and secure. This rustic pallet project can be used to place decoration items, for making an area good looking.

Made & Share By: Woodworking with Pallets.

Looking for an exceptional plan for your room? Then copy this pallet bed. The bed looks awesome with large headboard; which mostly people demand. The planks of pallets are attached horizontally to make headboard. Long planks are sued for creating the base, where mattress can be placed. Paint it with the color that matches the area.

Made & Share By: Woodworking with Pallets.

Another bed plan of brown color has shown here that you can copy to furnish bedroom. Headboard is not large but you can resize it. Wheels are attached to make it movable and you can move it for cleaning purpose. We made it more unique by attaching drawers on its sides. A portion has left empty between the drawers for placing shoes.

Made & Share By: Woodworking with Pallets.

Now look at the glorious presentation of wooden pallets. This pallet chair has wheels-type stands for making its arms and legs. For making these wheels, you need to attach pallets with each other and cut them in round shape, as we know that it is easy to cut pallets in any shape. The backrest is bit sloppy. Copy this marvelous project for your living area or for balcony to enjoy the weather.

Made & Share By:Arte en Palets

Garden also needs to furnish well as we decor indoor area. For that purpose, we have a bench project for outdoor area, this is easy to copy and not expensive because pallets are not painted. Planks used in its backrest, have designed very artistically. The yellowed color pallets make the bench to look amazing and magnificent. Many benches can be copied according to the requirement.

Made & Share By:Arte en Palets

Pallet manufacturing is an art and everyone should try make valid use of wood pallets.  Here we present amazing but easy project of DIY pallets. The pallet bench is definitely unique with square shaped arms that also serve as legs of the bench. The creation is awesome and it will attract the visitors. No need to paint it because it is looking great with rustic look.

Made & Share By:Arte en Palets

The chest drawer is the basic requirement of every home and everyone wish to have multiple drawers at one place. So, we present a pallet table which is comprised of multiple storage spaces. The lower drawers look like buckets and make this project prominent. One space has left with open area on which decor items can be placed. In short, copy this magnificent project within less expenses.

Made & Share By: Woodworking with Pallets.

It is not compulsory to adorn an area with decor pieces, the idea that we are presenting is awesome and  also makes the area amazing. The console of planter will make the area impressive and it can be copied for patio or balcony. Small planters will make it graceful. As it is for presenting the nature, then there is no need to paint it.

Made & Share By: Woodworking with Pallets.

The idea of the bed with amazing headboard is looking perfect and beautifying the wall with  its amazing look. Two colored pallets are used for its creation and if you can’t get pallets of two colors, then don’t worry, you can paint them according to your wish. It has side tables of white color to make it a complete bed project.

Made & Share By: eco pallets

Here we are going to present an idea for those who want to decorate their homes with everything they have. Have a look on the thought, we have made a cabinet of bar with the placement of bottles and glasses also. Bottles and glasses have fixed space in the cabinet so that this space will not let to create mess on it. For making it more attractive, any decor item can be placed.

Made & Share By: eco pallets

Have a look on this idea, we are presenting a project of pallet chair, and its pallets are cut very artistically. It is necessary to make critical items by manufacturing wood pallets, you can craft some easy and simple things according to your skills and creativity. This pallet chair is also not very hectic, interest and devotion is required for everything.

Made & Share By:Arte en Palets

People usually apply common settings, which make the area look boring. We always try to present some innovative ideas of shipping pallets which can make the home good looking and prominent. In this regard, now we present a pallet art of TV console. The whole wall is furnished with pallets which eliminate the need of wall decor pieces. A shelf has made for placing media devices also.

Made & Share By:Arte en Palets

In every home, there are some valuable things which need to be kept in a safe place, but in this modern age, people don’t make old fashioned lockers. So manufacturing this chest box is definitely good idea, you have to get pallets and pin them very artistically to give it a different look. It has a space from where, you can lock it. It has spaces that make it easy to pick.

Made & Share By:Arte en Palets

Its time to apply pallet crafting in garden area. You have seen many planters, now look at this another awesome and unique planter. It has three portions and it is for placing at the corner of garden. As you can see, we have placed beside the stairs and you can also place it on the same place for making your entrance eye-catching.

Made & Share By: eco pallets

Pallet manufacturing can increase one’s skills and interests for making homes adorable and good looking. Here we present a kitchen plan that you can copy with pallets. The burner is organized in a portable pallet stand. It has cabinets where you can place your related items. A person who loves outdoor cooking, he can copy it and enjoy cooking in lovely weather.

Made & Share By: eco pallets

Another pallet project for your kitchen has shown in the picture. The pallet table is arranged with a burner on the surface. We also made drawers and shelf for placing all related items at one place. The person who enjoy cooking in an open area, can copy it easily.

Made & Share By: eco pallets

Here is an idea of table with storage space, purely creation of wood pallets. Planks are pinned together to make it. Many tables can be made according to the requirement for different places. As it looked smooth, so no need to paint it because it is giving a lavishing look.

Made & Share By: eco pallets

A movable chest box for placing things is shown in this picture. We have attached wheels for making it easy to move anywhere. It can be copied for garden area to place gardening tools inside it. It seems very easy to copy and if you have garden, then try this.

Made & Share By: Woodworking with Pallets.

Now look at this artistic representation wooden pallets. It contains a closet and a small table with storage spaces that is perfect of bedroom or kid’s room. Every space is covered with doors, that hide your items also.  Any color can be applied for making it suitable for an area.

Made & Share By: Woodworking with Pallets.

An awesome plan of pallet manufacturing has shown here. Have a look at this thought, the pallet cabinet has a maximum space for placing items. Its design is simple but is enough for making an area furnished well. Any color can be used to meet the area requirement.

Here we are presenting a cabinet project comprised of multiple storage spaces. Home makers make use of waste materials and decline the misunderstanding of the people who thinks things of waste materials make are dirty and odd. Here is an awesome representation of waste material.

Made & Share By: eco pallets

If you are looking for seating arrangements for home, then you can reuse pallets in this regard. For this purpose, we present an idea of pallet chair that is very easy to copy. Planks for backrest is cut in specific design for making it more appealing. You can paint it or leave it within wood texture, its your choice.

Made & Share By: Woodworking with Pallets.

Here we present a complete tutorial of wooden pallets. A small table with sink is arranged in an economical manner. AS we mentioned, wood pallets can save money and time, so you must make uses of pallets instead of spending too much money on ready made items.

Made & Share By: Woodworking with Pallets.

Now we are presenting a study table that you can copy for study purposes. A study table must be comfortable and good looking that makes the eyes more relax. This study able has shelves for placing decoration items. A chair has also made with it. As you can see, we placed photo frames on it, so you can also place the photo frames of your loved ones.

Made & Share By: Woodworking with Pallets.

It is looking awesome and I love it because the creator has designed it amazingly. Crafting something is not hectic, but making the crafted item good looking is necessary. If you are a good painter or artist, then craft this pallet project and make design of your own choice. You can copy it for garden area also.

Made & Share By:Arte en Palets

A tall but thin pallet cabinet is enough for small area to fulfill furnishing requirements. It has four portions and all have doors. It is best to place kids’ clothes separately but it is your choice to make valid use of it, we are here just to guide you in a proper way. You can also copy it for kitchen purposes. After panting, it will increase the grace of your area.

Made & Share By: Woodworking with Pallets.

Looking for something for placing your medicines in an organized way? Then copy this wall pallet project. It has a door with net and you can easily see the required medicine. If you have a medical store or any other shop, then it is best to make cabinets of pallets because they are cheap and easily available.

At the end, we are going to present an idea of pallet closet for bedroom. Have a look on the picture, doesn’t it look marvelous? With little effort and time, you can make such graceful items for your home. The closet has two portions for placing clothes. It has three drawers and one cabinet for placing other items also. If you are making plan of buying closet, then you have to try this and save your money for other purposes.

Made & Share By: Woodworking with Pallets.

Source : diypallets.info

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46 Best Christmas Kitchen Decorating Ideas
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To decorate the kitchen for Christmas why make it complicated and sophisticated when they can be simple and kind? Ideas for making Christmas kitchen decorating original prints and natural for any type of the kitchen.

Scroll down to enjoy some cool ideas we’ve rounded up for you.

Best Christmas Kitchen Decorating Ideas

Source : ecstasycoffee.com

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21 DIY Lighting Ideas to Brighten Your Home on a Budget
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Creating your own light fixtures can seem a little daunting at first. But these DIY lighting projects are easier to make than you think! With some creativity and electrical know-how, you can create the perfect DIY lamp, pendant or sconce to brighten up the dark corners of your home.

Get all the details on each of these amazing DIY lighting ideas by clicking on the title or image to go straight to the tutorial!


Wall sconces make great accent lighting, allowing you to direct light only where you need it. Some of these DIY lighting ideas can be used as bedside reading lights, saving you precious space on the nightstand. The Japanese style wall sconce by yours truly was installed in a stairway, allowing for plenty of light while maintaining a low profile.


Japanese-Inspired DIY Wall Sconce


DIY wall sconce with cage light

INDUSTRIAL WALL SCONCES – LOVE CREATE CELEBRATEDIY wall sconces - industrial style with pipe fittings


DIY wall sconce


Pendant lights drop down from the ceiling to provide light over a larger area, like a kitchen island or dining table. A shade over the bulb diffuses the light and gives a softer glow. But those trendy Edison bulbs are so cool, you don’t want to cover them up! Keep in mind that exposed bulbs should be hung above eye level, so they don’t blind you every time you look at them!


DIY pendant light made from copper pipe


DIY lighting - industrial cage pendant light


DIY pendant light made from wire basket


DIY lighting - x wood pendant light


DIY lighting - giant macrame rope pendant lights


stenciled lampshade DIY lighting


DIY lighting - copper hoop pendant light


DIY lighting - industrial rope pendant light


colander DIY lighting


Chandeliers are made to stand out! But they don’t have to be made of sparkly crystal to be a showstopper. These amazing DIY chandeliers are sure to impress your guests at your next dinner party, especially after you tell them you made it yourself!


DIY lighting - pendant light hanging from ceiling


upcycled DIY chandelier


rustic industrial DIY lighting


rustic outdoor DIY chandelier


DIY Chandelier


multi-bulb DIY chandelier


Unlike pendant lights and sconces, lamps can go anywhere in the room! Whether you need a reading light on your bedside table, or something to accent that DIY console table you just built, you can make your own lamp to suit your style!


DIY lamp made from lantern


copper and concrete DIY lamp

Source : thehandymansdaughter.com

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16 Amazing RV Renovation Ideas
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Having a Rv is a fun thing, You can make your holiday with your family feels more interesting and happier if you get a nice RV. The problem is how to make your RV more comfortable with the interior design? People often get many things to do for their RV, especially if they have an old RV style which is not suitable anymore for the holiday. You need to try RV renovation idea to make it looks new and also fresh. Check out these 16 amazing RV renovation ideas first to get some inspiration.

1. Kitchen RV Renovation

Rv Renovation Ideas 1

Source: Pinterest

Try to make your kitchen in your RV looks great by using a modern kitchen cabinet complete with the natural color of white and black.

2. RV Sitting Area

Rv Renovation Ideas 2

Source: Pinterest

Instead of using a plain cover for the pillow and the sitting area, try to use the beautiful pattern. Don’t forget to add an additional storage too.

3. Natural RV Renovation

Rv Renovation Ideas 3

Source: Pinterest

If you want to make your RV looks natural, you can renovate the floor with natural wood style and use a blue cabinet for the kitchen.

4. Colorful RV Renovation

Rv Renovation Ideas 4

Source: Pinterest

Creating a fresh RV can be done by using some fresh colors and fresh plants. Try to choose the perfect spot for applying the colorful style.

5. Vintage RV Bathroom

Rv Renovation Ideas 5

Source: Pinterest

You can do the same thing to your bathroom in your RV as your home bathroom. This renovation idea is using a brick style for the bathroom wall and cute shower curtain.

6. RV Bed Renovation

Rv Renovation Ideas 6

Source: Pinterest

This RV bed is suitable for your kids. Using some black and white decoration, it looks so fresh and also cool for the holiday.

7. Rustic and Modern RV

Rv Renovation Ideas 7

Source: Pinterest

You can have a modern and rustic design at the same time for your RV, especially for your bathroom sink with its storage.

8. Rustic and Modern RV Kitchen

Rv Renovation Ideas 8

Source: Pinterest

The combination of modern and rustic style in your RV can be the best thing for it, especially if you can renovate your kitchen with those great styles.

9. Simple RV Kitchen

Rv Renovation Ideas 9

Source: Pinterest

This is the best idea for your RV and your kitchen. It looks simple but also cool with the white kitchen cabinet and patterned backsplash.

10. Rustic RV Door

Rv Renovation Ideas 10

Source: Pinterest

You just need to use a wooden door to make your RV looks rustic and also modern at the same time. This door can be used for the bathroom.

11. Beautiful RV Renovation

Rv Renovation Ideas 11

Source: Pinterest

The grey and white accent in the sitting area are just perfect for your beautiful RV. Don’t forget to add the curtains too.

12. Before and After RV Renovation

Rv Renovation Ideas 12

Source: Pinterest

You can use this idea for your RV, especially for your kitchen. It changes the kitchen cabinet color with yellow and white complete with the decoration.

13. Pretty Kitchen RV Renovation

Rv Renovation Ideas 13

Source: Pinterest

You don’t need many things to make your kitchen in your RV looks great. Try to focus on the kitchen cabinet for the interior design.

14. Awesome Kitchen Cabinet

Rv Renovation Ideas 14

Source: Pinterest

This kitchen cabinet is just awesome. It looks natural and also modern for your RV. The backsplash and the storage are perfect too for the cabinet.

15. RV Bed Renovation

Rv Renovation Ideas 15

Source: Pinterest

A new and fresh bed in your RV will make you feel more comfortable. This idea is also creating additional storage in your RV for the best saving.

16. RV Renovation on Budget

Rv Renovation Ideas 16

Source: Pinterest

If you try to renovate your RV, don’t forget about the budget too. Make sure you spend your budget in the best way with the best renovation result too.

Source : futuristarchitecture.com