Henry Damon, before, during and after he had removed his nose. Do you like Cosmetic Surgery?



At the age of 37, Henry Damon wanted to look like his favorite character. Marvel Comics Supervillain, Red Skull. Since he was a kid, he always loved the character and in order to undergo his transformation he had to first pass a series of psychological and physical tests.

#1. In this image you can see his natural state before he begins to undergo his transformation process. He’s a husband and father and he first saw the opportunity to begin his physical modifications after he met Emilio Gonzalez who specializes in tattooing and extreme body surgery.


#2. Damon began his transformation with a series of sub-dermal implants that would help produce and authentic Red Skull structure.

#3. Damon obviously has a taste for extreme body modification. He even tattooed the whites of eyes black.

#4. The most extreme surgical maneuver he underwent was the removal of a section of his nose in order to replicate the nose of Red skull.

#5. His long-time friends say that Damon’s been wanting to be like Red Skull for the longest time.

#6. He’s clearly not done yet. In the next step, he’ll be getting cheek, chin and cheekbone implants. Then his entire face will be tattooed red and black.

#7. What do you think of his transformation? If you’ve seen the movie you’re probably in awe over how much like the super villain he looks.

#8. You’ll also be amazed by Herbert Chavez’s transformation into Superman. He underwent 23 surgeries!