Answers: How to Organize my House



Bedside rolling cart | the freelancer’s fashion blog   I love this, and I’m seriously considering this for my bedroom refresh!

Pegboard Storage Wall | the creativity exchange   Our workshop, and garage are just plain scary.  This would be a dream come true!

Organize your jewelry with this DIY jewelry organizer | landeelu Jewelry holder is on my list for the room refresh, and I need something the kids can’t reach otherwise they are constantly messing with the few pieces of jewelry I have.

Small workshop organization | popular woodworking   This is about as easy, and cheap as it gets!

Card Game Organization | all 4 the love of teaching  This is a huge problem in our house.  We have zero full decks of cards.  After the box breaks, I usually put them in a plastic sandwich bag which is quickly destroyed.  I’m totally using this idea!

Vertical Ball Rack | Jenna Burger  Yet another common issue in our home.  Our garage isn’t very big (meaning, I pretty much have to squeeze my van in it.)  Often, one of the balls in the bin our garage will get knocked out, and roll under my van.  We might have one or two burnt soccer balls…

DIY clip-on desk organizers |  One thing that drives me crazy these days is stuff all over countertops, and desks, and dressers.  Problem solved.

DIY pallet garden organizer | our little acre   It’s so pretty, and functional.  Why have I never thought of this??

Washi tape cord organization | the chic site  Genius.  Just genius.

Refrigerator organization | four generations one roof  Someday, my fridge will look this organized. #goals

Cupcake liner organization | table for two   Literally every single time I open a pack of cupcake liners, they end up all over my house, and eventually in the garbage.  Such a waste of money.   I have nowhere to put them, and they end up falling all over the place, or I put them in a bag getting crushed.  This is so cute, and you can actually see what you have.

Wire basket kitchen island organization | golden boys and me  I am serioulsy trying to figure out where I can put this in my kitchen.

Basement organization | family handyman   This is such a great idea. I just keep thinking about how much space would be freed up, and how much easier it would be to find things if we did this in our basement.

Cookie sheet and cutting board organization |  I’m a basket freak, and I am all over this idea!

Toy organization | the navy stripe  You guys!  I am totally kicking myself right now!  I just through a ton of these canvas bins away because I bought them in an attempt to keep the boys’ room more organized, and it just didn’t work.  The bins were too big and we ended up putting too many things in each bin.  This would totally solve the problem!

So, what do you think?  Would any of these make your life easier?  Are you ultra organized, or hoping to get there like I am?

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