Cheeky Monkey Grabs Backpacker’s Top In Thailand


Hình ảnh có liên quanThere’s an old saying in the entertainment industry – “Never work with animals or children.”

One unfortunate backpacker has learned that lesson the hard way after getting involved in an ‘altercation’ with an overly handsy monkey.

Los Angeles born Brittany Bowman was travelling around South East Asia and had found herself in Chiang Mai, Thailand, which is famous for having loads of monkeys.

Already looking quite concerned, she allowed one particularly cheeky monkey to climb up her leg, but then the little beast decided to have a grab at her top, nearly yanking the whole thing off and exposing her in front of everyone.

Credit: StoryTrenderCredit: StoryTrender


Luckily, she managed to preserve her modesty, just about, but perhaps less fortunately for her, the whole bizarre scene was captured on film by a friend on their phone.

On the plus side, she’s obviously got a sense of humour and after the initial shock and fear she quickly saw the funny side of things.

She said: “It left all of us laughing hysterically, almost to the point of tears.

“I was just so scared that the monkey was jumping on me that I didn’t even consider it would pull down my top.

Credit: StoryTrenderCredit: StoryTrender

She continued: “The owners said he must have been looking for breast milk.

“It was all just so random, I’m just glad we caught it on camera.”

Agreed, the video is pretty hilarious. Everyone loves a bit of monkey business.

Featured Image Credit: StoryTrender