Family Living Room Design Ideas That Will Keep Your Entire Family Happy


Creating a family room that everyone can love, enjoy, and utilize is easier said than done. Everyone in your family likely has an opinion on how the family room should look and be used, and trying to accommodate everyone’s tastes and preferences can be a real challenge!It’s essential to create a harmonious space that’s functional, practical, and looks great, too. With these crowd pleasing design favorites, you’re sure to hit some high notes with family and friends alike!

Family Living Room Design Ideas That Will Keep Your Entire Family Happy

Add photographs
Personalize and customize your living room with an arrangement of your family’s favorite photographs. Above the sofa is almost always an ideal spot. Pick out some frames that are similar in both size and color and arrange them in a grid formation for a powerful visual impact.Buy now: White RIBBA photo frames, from 3.95, Ikea
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Incorporate technology

Create a media-friendly arrangement in a family living room. Choose low units that won’t overwhelm the room and keep the wall space above feeling open by putting up simple floating shelves. Go for a pale colour scheme for walls and furniture to give a unified look and hide all TV-related gadgetry in wicker baskets.Buy now: Farmhouse painted TV unit, £275, The Cotswold Company

Keep on top of clutter

Create a clutter-free living room by keeping shelves orderly and free from lots of objects. Keep paraphernalia hidden in wooden storage boxes and store books and magazines neatly between stationary box files. Use the often forgotten space above the sofa a for single picture shelf to display coherent black and white family photos.

Allocate space for toys

Create a play area for the kids in one corner of your living room with colourful storage and artwork and a pair of child-sized chairs. With out one, toys could spread every where turning your living room into one big play-room – not ideal! Make sure there is plenty of storage to put all the toys away at the end of the day when you need that much needed adult time.Buy now: Similar Baa-baa blackboard toddler table, £16, Great Little Trading Company

Choose durable furniture

Who says you can’t have a stylish and sleek living room in a busy family home? Paint walls a fresh off-white in a wipeable finish and update fussy curtains with clean-lined shutters. Choose hardwearing leather sofas for an easy-clean option;they look even better once well loved. Then add modern glamour with a show-stopping ceiling chandelier – it will be well out of reach of little fingers!Buy now: Carey leather three seater sofa in saddle tan premium leather, £999,

Socialise the space

Modern family life can be busy, so create a living room that encourages you to stop for quality family time and enjoy each other’s company. Create and intimate space within a split-level, open-plan area by adding comfortable sofas in a communal group. The sunken effect is very impressive and is sure to be a conversation starter. Shades of fresh white wall with pink and blue accents will keep the room bright and friendly, while dark wood flooring introduces warmth.

Use family friendly flooring

Choose wooden floors for a classic look that is easy to clean. Keep it feeling snug with one large or several rugs. Storage is important so that bits and bobs don’t take over – a chest with lots of drawers is a good option, as each family member can have one or two of their own. The sheep is a cool quirky touch that kids will love – and it can even double as a seat when visitors are given priority on the sofa.Buy now: ASKEM purple three seat sofa, £1600, Habitat

Make room for everyone

Be sure to put a large sofa at the top of your wish list! Not only will it play a vital part in family life a corner design to accommodate everyone and save space. The layout also means there is a large floor area for children to play. A neutral scheme allows plenty of scope to add colour and pattern, which makes for a fun room.

Get in the zone

Open–plan living is a great choice as the social aspect is perfect for family interaction. Design allocated zones for lounging, dining and working to keep the room organised. Use soft textures and uplifting colours Arrange your room around a large window or French doors to make the most of the natural light.Buy now: Similar Ava fabric chaise sofa bed with storage, £999, Furniture Village

You can never have too much storage

Use a basic free-standing unit in multiples to create a bank of storage to fit your space and then fill them box files and colourful objects for interest. Use the space above to store rarely used items in boxes that blend in well with the walls. Baskets near sofas can be used for children’s toys so they are never strewn across the floor and coffee table with drawers underneath makes it easy to keep the surface clear.Buy now: LIATORP storage combination with doors, £717, Ikea

Get cosy

Large squashy sofas with plump feather-filled cushions provide all the temptation needed for a relaxing living room. Add atmosphere warming stove fire and plenty of wooden furniture. Every one loves a blanket so make sure there are plenty to go around.Buy now: Curved basket, £44, West Elm