1. A group of african fishermen were on their boat, fishing

2. Then they sighted a hot and beautiful laying on a board stranded, floating away

3. They quickly rushed to her and lifted her on to their fishing boat

4. As they were taking her back to their home, they marveled at her beauty

5. Back home, they prepared different meals, each one offered her meal as she ate and enjoy the attention

6. She fixed her skimpy dress properly

7. And climbed a coconut tree as the guys marvel at her beauty and climbing skills.

8. The hot and beautiful babe started preparing meal with the coconut milk even as on of the fishermen salivate peeping at her beautiful boobs

9. They Enjoyed The Night Singing And Dancing

10. At night when the fishermen were all sleeping, something strange very strange begins to happen with the beautiful babe

11. She started transforming into a monster, as she heads back towards the sea

12. Not afraid of the waves from the sea, the monster walks deeper into the sea

13. Daybreak, the fishermen found a huge box in their midst, even as the wonder where it came from

14. They opened the huge box and it was filled with gold, diamond, and all sort of treasures and the looked up, behold it was the beautiful babe waving at them from the sea, and they realized it was a gift from her

14. As they continued to wave at her, she dives deep into the sea flapping her tail. Waves them bye and they realized that the hot beautiful babe they thought was stranded on the sea was actually a mermaid (mammy water) that was relaxing on the board sun bathing and enjoying the sun. This should be a very big lesson to all of us, never judge a person based on looks because we can never truly know a person from their looks. This story also teaches us to help strangers, and people in need because the reward comes when you least expect it.