Most Incredible Photos Inside North Korea



So many people are already aware of the horrible political scene currently in North Korea, but when a 22-year old American student died immediately after being detained for stealing just propaganda poster from the hotel that everyone became aware of the absurd political scene in North Korea.

Yep, People don’t really see the true side of North Korea.

Furthermore, that same year an American tourist was condemned with forced labour, photographer later successfully smuggled himself out into ‘free world’ and he captured about 70 photos showing the real true side of North Korea.


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This very picture actually took a huge of risk as the area the photos was taken is reserved for just locals only.

In fact Michael Huniewicz at that same time later recalled that he was only having 5 seconds before he will be kicked out, But fortunately, he was able to take the photo without being seen by anyone.

These 50s buildings are just a good example of brutal architecture which used to dominate landscape in Eastern Europe then, during the Cold War.

It has been proven that these very building you see is as well being a perfect metaphor for personal and social well being of pretty much every suffering North Korean.

Most Incredible Photos Inside North Korea

You can ask Michael, North Korea for Michael Huniewicz is just worse than what they are showing on the news

CNN at that time reported that tourists that visited North Korea are being disappointed because they were unable to explore the country on their own.

Yup, every tour is been organized and orchestrated by the state-run Korea International Travel Company, pictures like the one here are their countryside really rare.

We mentioned earlier that photos of soldiers are against their rule, so now, just imagine how the white pickup truck carrying soldiers slid past the border of the officers.

This is actually what rural North Korea looks like. Miles and miles of green fields all the places.

Just as all undeveloped city lacking resources needed for technological progress and development of North Korea and also relies on farming as their for survival.

This is just What really prove that poverty is out there than seeing unpaved roads, not even cars on the road, and peasants cycling and walking with no settlement in sight.

This just completely the opposite picture of the Kim and his Party painting of their evidently struggling city.

Take a look, the whole world knows quite well that the ‘prospering superpower’ that invests in nuclear weapons is rotten from the inside.

By main looking at this seemingly photo we doubt that people would suspect it was taken in North Korea, the most oppressed countries in the world.

They are just going out about their ordinary lives, on like in any other country in the world, but so many of them have been abused in the form of enslavement, imprisonment, forced abortions, torture and so on.

Michael just recalls playing with fire when deciding to snap this very photo of North Korea’s countryside showing villagers next to their bikes waiting for the train to pass before they can be allowed to pass.

The photography did not even encourage in controlling the conditions, it is said to be absolutely prohibited to take photos of any uniformed officers such as one of the picture here.

This very photo that happens to be normal, it shows North Koreans on their daily commute.

On like every other country in the world today would not see this very photo as a threat, but Kim’s administration is just notorious for being secretive and does not give chance for unstaged photos like this very one to be taken.

Most of the Tourists are urged to picture just some designated area that is well-maintained in North Korea.

Michael Huniewicz recalls that most of the areas their group was taken to looks to be so nice and stage-managed, thus Michael was shocked to see this very weird slum which reminded him of ‘communist era Eastern Europe’.

The North Koreans on this photo were surrounded by the socialist architecture of the North Korean leaders and are waiting to sell a human waste product which is used as fertilizer in their own country.

Yup, came to understand reason Why this very photo will find staged and ridiculous is just that these street cleaners seem to be sweeping paths of the biggest parks in Pyongyang which are so clean.

This pictures here proves that the North Korean workers on main road walking and they are carrying equipment. Michael make a statement saying that the poverty he has encountered was expected and that the lack of technological resources has worsens the oppression.

Furthermore, one of the things he did not realize is the mental strain of which they had to endure on daily basis.

Michael with six others went visited a restaurant in North Korea as part of their tour where he struggled to take a photo of a terrified waitress who don’t want to talk with them only from taking their order.

Michael says that while they were there their TV was constantly on playing propaganda. The other of the guests in the restaurant just doing as if they are not seeing them and they did not initiate any sort of interaction among them.

These well dressed people are not being taken as an unusual sight in any other country, but in the North Korea is a different thing.

Even if Michael were unable to prove that this very particular scene was been staged, Michael believes that it was the case as there were no other scheduled train to arrive or depart that same day.

The trains station is build together with awaiting room which of is typically empty at that moment.

It was announce that going to North Korea from the outside world is strictly prohibited.

On the photo here Michael captured the custom declaration form that was given to him as entry permit which states that it is illegal to bring in Korean movies, laptops and books.

Michael sees North Korea as worse than what they show on the news. For Michael Huniewicz it seems that the officers currently working, reportedly, just only the foreign tourist entry point in North Korea were rushing about their own business.

One of the entry points that Michael Huniewicz has witnessed was evidently deserted that happened some time ago.