Take A Look At The Cast Of ‘Coyote Ugly’ Then And Now


They’ve all aged so well!

#20 Bridget Mahayan- ThenThis is Bridget Moynahan. She played the character Rachel, a badass barkeeper who was the strength of the group.

#19 Bridget Moynahan – NowNow she has aged gracefully and is a proud mommy.

#18 Adam Garcia – ThenHe played Violet’s lover, Kevin. His debut movie, it turned out very well for him.

#17 Adam Garcia – NowHe is now a part of multiple TV series!

#16 Melanie Lynskey -ThenYou remember Violet’s best friend, Gloria? Yes, it was played by Melanie!

#15 Melanie Lynskey – NOWNow she just looks the as young as she was back then. You might know her as the crazy girl who was in love with Charlie in Two and a half men.

#14 Izabella Miko -ThenUndoubtedly, Cammie was the hottest character she played.

#13 Izabella Miko -NowNow she looks even younger and steamier.

#12 John Goodman – THENHe played Violet’s father and is one of the most popular actors of that time.

#11 John Goodman – NowToday he has definitely lost a lot of weight and is seen in hit films like Kong Island and 10 Cloverfield.#10 LeAnn Rimes – THENShe literally played herself in the movie.

#9 LeAnn Rimes – NOWNow she’s just the same with the career through the roof.

#8 Piper Perabo – THENShe played the main character Violet, the sexy unforgettable girl.

#7 Piper Perabo – NOWLooking at her now, she’s got that smile on her brighter than ever.

#6 Kaitlin Olson – THENThough she played a small role, she made a big impact.

#5 Kaitlin Olson – NOWShe now stars in a TV show called The Mick

#4 Maria Bello – THENShe played the owner of the bar back then!

#3 Maria Bello – NOWAnd is now stunning everybody with her beauty.

#2 Tyra Banks – THENPlaying the role of Zoe in the movie was a ramp walk for her.

#1 Tyra Banks – NOWNow she looks even more gorgeous and is a respectable in the fashion industry.