“White Girl Wasted” definition in Urban Dictionary



If you’re not entirely sure what it means to get “white girl wasted,” have a look at this definition from the Urban Dictionary:

It’s important to note that getting white girl wasted can apply both genders and any race, but is most commonly achieved – by accident – by white girls in their 20s.



Some Lucky Gentleman Put A Ring On This

Drunk, or Applying for Gymnastics Scholarship?



She Traded Her Keys for a PBR, good Night


Style Points: her Face?


Better Than a Pillow


Raiders Vs. Chargers? No need everything only sleeped


This… This Looks Like A Good Place To Lay Down. Yes… Right here.


I Didn’t Know This Party Had a Bidet!


Just a Typical Dinner Party at Dr. Lecter’s


The Mechanical Bull Was Closed for Repairs


She Planned Her Outfit With That Trash Can in Mind, Come on out of drunk


PDA Literally Makes Me Sick


How Much Do the Dry Cleaners Charge to Remove Shame?


Used Gum Is the New Black


It’s Ok, That Toilet Was Cleaned Just Last Year


Bonus Points for Keeping the Phone Out of the Toilet


Wins Kickball Game, Loses at Drinking


White (Trash) Girl Wasted


She Thought There Was a Salad Down There


This Is a Great Place for a Nap


An Epically Incriminating Before & After


Dipping A Toe Into the Waterplay Arena


Oh My Gawd, Shottttts!


Do You Think the Best Man Still Wants a Piece?


Well, that’s life…


Craiglist Headline: Gently Used Couch, You Keep What’s in the Cushions


Now We Know They Float

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